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Lapsation of Mineral School


Information on the Lapsation of Mineral Elementary School District into Antelope Elementary School District


As you may already know, small rural school districts such as Mineral are experiencing financial hardships due to the drastic budget cuts of recent years. Mineral School District Board of Trustees would like you to know we are in support of annexing our territory to Antelope Elementary School District as a means to keep Mineral School open. Working through this process with the State Board of Education and the Tehama County Committee on School District Organization will allow us to become part of a larger school district, and avoid the duplication of costs of running a single school district, while at the same time keeping our school open. Doing so will allow us to keep educating our kids locally, and to continue long standing traditions and community events held at Mineral School.

Other districts throughout the state are choosing this option as well, as it is the best possible solution for students and is also the most viable for facing these financial challenges.

This information is being provided to the community in an effort to keep you informed about the current and future state of your local school. If you have additional questions regarding the Lapsation proceedings, you are welcome to attend the public hearing on December 19th at the school at 5:15pm.

Frequntly Asked Questions:

Q: Will Mineral School close after the lapsation?
A: Mineral School will remain open and will continue to educate students from the same area as long as it is feasible. While at the same time, the district will become part of the Antelope Elementary School District, as of July 1, 2013; day-to-day operations at the school will remain much the same.

Q: What happens to the staff?
A: Staff will retain their legal rights and in many cases the lapsation will result in salary increases. District staff will become employees of Antelope Elementary School District.

Q: Why are we considering lapsation?
A: The decision to lapse is based on budget shortfalls due to the economic climate in the State and enrollment fluctuations. Lapsation will provide improved matriculation, financial viability, efficiency of district office functions, ability to absorb extreme fluctuations of student enrollment, allow for flexibility in student programs, and enhance the ability of Mineral School to continue to exist and provide quality educational programs to students in the community.

Q: Will Mineral School still have a board of trustees?
A: There will not be a Mineral school board, however, there are ways to give input to the Antelope School Board, which will govern all schools in the district, including Mineral School. Community members can be represented through the school site council, district leadership teams, working with assigned administration, and attending Antelope School Board meetings.  Residents from lapsed districts can run for the board as seats come up for election.

Q: How will the lapsation affect services to students?
A: Following the lapsation, much of the school's day-to-day operations will remain the same.  Services such as transportation, afterschool programs, professional development, food service and special education should remain intact or possibly even be enhanced .

Q: How will lapsing with another district affect Mineral's financial resources?
A: Following the lapsation, the financial burden of running the district will shift to Antelope.  This should result in an increase of the overall revenue to the district, providing more opportunity to the students of Mineral School.